Well kids welcome to the show! By “show” I mean this rats mother of a blog, and by “kids” I mean you fellow dog rockers joining me, and by “welcome” I mean lets shut our holes and let Lapioli make our ears bleed, our faces melt, and leave our guts busted. This being the first blog in my hopefully long future of blogging, please allow me to bring you up to speed on what in the love I’m doing and why in the goat ronchers I’m doing it. (Note to self: stop talking about bloody animals; you’ve already mentioned rats, dogs and goats.) (Reply to self: thanks I’ll keep that in mind.)
The purpose of this blog is to talk about music, life, and all the other little cheese wedges in my mind. I am currently working on recording my first CD and finishing up my website www.bustedgutmusic.com. The web site will promote my music, but it will also have some features that other musician’s sites don’t typically have.
First and foremost my cartoon homie, Sugpublious Barks the private detective will be accepting questions on the site. People will be able to ask him whatever they want and he will answer as he sees fit. Sugpublious Barks is just starting out, so he will take your suggestions on what to put on his desk, or in his room, or whatever. However, take caution when asking him questions because he will rip you a new hole if he feels like it.
When the site is 100% functional – I will sell some stuff I enjoy along with my music merchandise. I plan on selling headphones and other music related products right on the site. The Busted Gut Music Store will come rocking you into oblivion.
The kind hearted who wants to hook a poor street musician up with some dough will get their chance as I will offer a lot of my music and other stuff for free on the site.
My goal one day would be to make Busted Gut Music a record label. The first move toward that goal is to bring some local bands and musicians together on my site. I will contact bands I like and I will ask them if I can throw them up on the site. Then one day I could bring some of the bands together to play shows and to connect with other musicians.

So my special little kitten liver faces (I figured I might as well throw cats into the mix before I end) that’s the story. I hope to be hearing some feedback from friends, family and readers. I really want to go as far as I can with my music, and my life. That way, at least I’ll know I used the talents I was given to the best of my abilities.

Be on the look out for the release of www.bustedgutmusic.com !